Our Mission

We are a national trade charity that exists to improve the wellbeing of all involved in retail. Our services support individuals across the entire breadth of the industry:


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Providing supported living and extra care accommodation,
cottageHOMES supports the wellbeing of those who have served the
industry in five communities across the UK with quality accommodation
and services.

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Our frontline service that supports the diverse community of over 4.5
million people employed in retail and related industries.
Focused on financial, emotional and physical wellbeing through an
array of constantly evolving services, working with retailers and service
support partners.
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Developing individuals and promoting retail as a rewarding career
is key to the growth and sustainability of the sector.
retailRIGHT encompasses educational and development initiatives
that, in partnership with prestigious institutions, professional bodies
and industry leaders, helps support those looking to develop
their careers but also helps level the playing field for those from
disadvantaged backgrounds – providing opportunity for them to
progress their journey in retail.

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