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Worried about fuel poverty? retailHUB can help

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Key fuel poverty factors

The key factors that can contribute to fuel poverty are:

  • The energy efficiency of the property (and therefore, the energy required to heat and power the home)

  • The cost of energy

  • Household income.

Number of households in fuel poverty is rising

The number of households experiencing fuel poverty is rising at the moment for several reasons:

  • The cost of energy keeps increasing, which means we need to spend more of our income on paying these bills

  • Many of us live in draughty homes, from which lots of heat escapes, and rely on heating systems that are old and inefficient. And because we do not have much money to spare, it is difficult to make our homes more energy efficient, which would reduce our bills

  • The general cost of living is rising and this is also putting pressure on our finances so we have less money to go around. 


How we can help


Budgeting & debt support

Concern about debt can lead to people feeling anxious or depressed and even affect their physical health.

We will provide:

    • Free, confidential and personal debt support over the telephone to you through our partnerships with debt charities.
    • Solutions to help manage your debts with the expertise of our specialist telephone debt advisers, such as advice on how to negotiate with your creditors to reschedule payments.

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Lifestyle & legal matters

Our qualified legal advisers can provide confidential legal support over the telephone to help you with pratical and legal aspects of life.

This service is available Mon – Fri,  9am - 5pm.

The adviser will offer guidance on any legal matter pertaining to the UK except those related to employment law. 

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Financial assistance to people who need it most

When you’re least expecting it, things can happen in your life and you need help paying for something that you can’t.

Each grant application is assessed on its own merit and help offered depending on individual circumstances.

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