Oxford Summer School and retailTRUST

A partnership that offers a unique learning experience for all working in retail. 



Oxford Summer School provides targeted training at three clear levels of retail employee, from first line managers through to those approaching board level as well as smaller or independent business owners.

Headline Partners

retailTRUST supports Oxford Summer School as Headline Partner, by providing six fully-funded and six part-funded scholarships across the portfolio of programmes, from Foundation to Masters. The aim of these scholarships is to give employees in retail at all levels the opportunity to develop their own careers in the sector and gain key skills for business for life. 

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Going beyond the day-to-day issues of running a business - Giving you the opportunity to consider the broader picture, network with other senior retailers and position yourself for the boardroom and beyond. 

Masters: Apply now, 29th February - 3rd March


Exposes you to problems, decisions and challenges outside of normal functions, developing you as a ‘complete manager’, not just specific a commercial specialist.



Understand your role within the wider business and develop vital skills required to ensure your team delivers to the organisation’s standards, targets and expectations.


“We value immensely the work of the Oxford Summer Schools and this partnership fits with our strategy of ensuring by 2016 that 25% of all we invest is for the development of future generations of retail leaders and the support and encouragement of young employees in the sector.” 

 Richard Boland, CEO of retailTRUST


Take a look at our retailRIGHT programme - helping young unemployed people find work in retail and gain skills for life.


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