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Hardship grants

Financial assistance to people who need it most

When you’re least expecting it, things can happen in your life and you need help paying for something that you can’t cover with your usual salary or income.

Short-term financial assistance helps people regain control over their lives and manage their future finances.

This is where we can offer support through a one-off hardship grant.

We can also offer financial support towards reaching your full potentional and aspirations through course funding and educational bursaries. 


You can apply for one of our hardship grants via our online grants application portal.  

Our portal contains guidance on:

  • what you need to know before applying including information on our eligibility criteria
  • information we need from you to consider your request for help
  • supporting documentation you may need to provide
  • what to expect after applying

You will also be able to upload documentation to your account and be able to track the progress of your grant application.

Each grant application is assessed on its own merit and help offered depending on individual circumstances.

See eligibility and apply »

Should you have any queries related to the online grant application portal, please contact us.

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