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Calling all heroes (and villains) - retailTRUST Week October 2-9 


retailTRUST Week Poster

From the shop floor to the boardroom - Have fun and help us support your colleagues in retail and related industries!


Because everybody working in retail is a hero (and because sometimes it’s fun to be the villain), get together with your colleagues, pick a team and challenge your retail rivals to save the world one event at a time.

This year - we’re making it even easier for you to get involved, register your interest to be the first to find out more and receive hints and tips on ways to raise money.

Your efforts will go to supporting the wellbeing of all involved in retail and related industries, ensuring our vital services continue to function - supporting you, your friends, colleagues and families.


Register your interest for more info!


Previous activities

People have supported us and rasied money, in lots of weird and wonderful ways including:

Setting a t-shirt folding world record!


Downloadable retailTRUST Week Marketing & Fundraising Material 


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