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The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, requires people who commission public services to think about how they can improve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of their local area. Before they start the procurement process, commissioners are asked to look at whether the services they are going to buy, or the way they are going to buy them, could secure these benefits.

We have worked out the social return on investment (SROI) ratio by calculating the social and economic value our services offer to people and their communities against the cost of delivering those services. We are pleased to report that for every £1 you have helped us raise, we have delivered a social return on investment (SROI) ratio of £5.69, which is an increase of 18.3% on last year.


We believe the measurement provides the strongest evidence of the value for money we deliver and is a key driver for developing a social value policy to be at the core of our services and programmes.

retailTRUST delivered over £48 million of social and economic value to individuals and local communities. The total includes savings to the NHS through improved health and wellbeing, reduced welfare benefits, and increased HMRC revenue through supporting people to find employment.


Improving lives

Download our impact report to find out how we have improved lives, and created social and economic benefits for individuals and their community.

Retail Leader Apprenticeship Degree

Up to 400 students are due to enrol to study the Retail Leader Apprenticeship Degree, which is the first initiative of its kind for the sector. The programme prepares colleagues to face the challenges of leading in the evolving and dynamic retail environment of the 21st century by developing confident, capable and resilient retail leaders. In its first year, over £2 million worth of apprenticeship levy funds will be accessed and reinvested back into the industry.


Tailored workshops to meet the needs of your team 

retailTRUST supports retailers to improve the lives of their employees, performance, and the bottom line with workshops designed specifically for the demands and challenges of the sector. 

Our national network of experienced facilitators, all of whom have experience in retail and mental health, can also help your organisation to design bespoke workshops to suit your specific challenges.

Since 2018, retailTRUST has been proud to deliver wellbeing workshops to over 800 of Aldi’s managers. 

We are working in partnership with Social Profit Calculator who use the HM Treasury Unit Cost Database, the Global Value Exchange, and Office for National Statistics data.

Social Profit Calculator uses robust, auditable social return on investment (SROI) to provide an accurate account of the value created. Social Profit Calculator works out fiscal savings, economic benefits and social value as part of SROI calculations to show a monetary value created by our activities.

Social Profit Calculator was founded in response to the Social Value Act 2012. Using the latest technology, the Social Profit Calculator provides valuable insight and data analytics, paving the way to financial, social and wider community benefits. Social Profit calculator is accredited by Social Value UK and Social Value International.  

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