Redevelopment of the Crookfur Estate

Innovating retailTRUST

We're delighted to have started the redevelopment of our Crookfur Estate in Glasgow. The breaking ground ceremony took place on Tuesday 8 May 2018, click here for more details. The video below showcases how the life-changing project will transform the Crookfur Estate by introducing ‘connected living’and creating additional residential units.

The Crookfur Estate

The Crookfur Estate has provided accommodation, care and support services to over 1,400 retail retirees since 1967. The estate, which was donated by the late Sir Hugh Fraser, has enhanced their quality of life, helping them to lead active and independent lives.

Over 50 years later, the Fraser family continues to support residents through the redevelopment of the estate.

"The Fraser family, and especially my father, the late Sir Hugh, have had a very close affinity with Crookfur cottageHOMES since well before the first buildings were established in the 1960’s. My father’s great vision and philanthropy in bestowing the land to cottageHOMES created a strong bond which has been continued by The Hugh Fraser Foundation supporting the development of the estate for residents of Crookfur over five decades. It is a relationship which has stood the test of time and we at the Foundation are pleased to be able to offer £500,000 to support the next phase of the redevelopment."

Patricia Fraser, The Hugh Fraser Foundation

Innovating for a new era

As part of our transformation, residents will take the first steps towards digital connected care. Individuals will be able to switch on their lights by voice activation, and set voice prompts and reminders for medical appointments. A smart bell will enable support staff and family members to monitor who is calling at the resident’s door.

A digital carephone will be used to directly contact support staff, family members and friends. A wearable pendant and SafeMotion watch will enable residents to access help in an emergency.

Sensors will monitor movement around the home and check whether residents are heating their home appropriately.

Digital technology will enable residents to have much greater choice over the care and support needed to maintain their independence and wellbeing.

Development phases

Phase one 33 new units to be completed by autumn 2019

Phase two 13 new units to be completed by winter 2019

Phase three 54 new units to be completed by spring 2020

Phase four 10 new units

Phase five 26 new units

Phase six Landscape and external work

Benefits for East Renfrewshire

The £15 million investment will deliver considerable social and economic impact over the duration of the project to the East Renfrewshire area. Using the Scottish Enterprise Construction Jobs Calculator and assessing impact on the local supply chain (LM3) and increased labour productivity (GVA), the transformation of the Crookfur Estate is forecasted to bring £51.5 million of economic benefit directly to East Renfrewshire.

Found out more about the social and economic impact of retailTRUST and the redevelopment in our latest impact report.

Download our latest impact report      

Download the latest brochure highlighting our vision for Crookfur

Helping us improve lives

The redevelopment creates a unique opportunity to work with a range of stakeholders including the community and retail industry. Individuals from all walks of life can get involved in the transformation of our Crookfur Estate.

Your support will help us provide a happy life and secure future for those who need it the most.

For more information about supporting our appeal, please contact us at [email protected]