Emotional and physical support

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We provide a range of services to support your employees’ emotional and physical wellbeing. We offer preventative self-help resources as well as curative support. 

Online wellbeing services

Our wellbeing site contains expertly curated digital content which can be personalised to support the wellbeing of you and your employees. Our aim is to make it easier for people to access self-help tools to manage their health and wellbeing, and develop their skills. Click here for more information.  



Our free and confidential helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week if your employees are in need of assistance. Our helpline advisors can be contacted over the telephone and through email.
0808 801 0808
[email protected]  



Counselling provides a confidential space for people to talk through and manage their feelings. Our short-term model of structured counselling includes up to six sessions, per issue, per year. Our sessions are free of charge and are totally confidential. We offer both face-to-face and telephone support.  


Cognitive behavioural therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) helps people reframe their responses to whatever challenge they may be facing. CBT is delivered by a qualified practitioner across a number of telephone sessions.

Legal guidance

We work with qualified legal specialists to offer confidential guidance to your employees. We can help with a wide range of situations and concerns, from understanding tenancy rights to guiding individuals through the legal considerations of a marriage breakdown. Please note that we’re unable to offer guidance on any matter relating to employment law. Your employees can contact us for expert and impartial legal guidance between 9am and 5pm, Mondays to Fridays, on 0808 801 0808.  


Critical incident support

A work-related critical incident can be any situation in which someone experiences a threat to their own life or physical safety, or has been affected by the death or injury of another as a result of a traumatic event such as an accident, suicide or crime. We are here to support you and your colleagues. Our service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is 100% confidential.

We offer:
• A consultation with a trauma support manager
• On-site support by a trauma support consultant
• Follow-up support (if needed) as well as access to our helpline.  


Wellbeing workshops

We run a wide range of wellbeing workshops to suit the unique needs and learning aims of your organisation. Our programmes have been developed specifically for the retail sector, and consider its current and future challenges. Using evidence-based approaches and facilitators who understand the area, we are a trusted learning provider for everyone involved in retail.

The sessions include:
• Supporting others experiencing emotional distress
• Suicide awareness and prevention in the workplace
• Substance misuse in the workplace
• Managing redundancy in the age of technology and change
• Mental wellbeing awareness in the workplace
• Mental health first aid
• Managing critical incidents in retail
• Changing your lifestyle
• Developing and sustaining your workplace wellbeing champion network
• Equality and diversity in the workplace.  


Get in touch

For more information, please contact Cliff Lee our Head of Wellbeing at [email protected]