Personalised digital wellbeing support from as little as 1p per week!

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Working for retailers since 1832

Established over 187 years ago, retailTRUST has a long and successful history, specialising as the trade charity supporting the wellbeing of the 4.5 million people working in retail and the supporting service industries. 

Today, they provide emotional, physical, vocational and financial wellbeing support to over 150 national and 10,000 independent retailers who together employ over 1,000,000 colleagues.

According to the CIPD, placing employee health at the top of the business agenda, can lead to a workforce that is happy, engaged and more productive. That is why retailTRUST continues to innovate to meet the evolving needs of today’s workforce and has developed a transformational way to offer proactive and highly cost effective support to the industry.

Meeting the needs of the individual

Costing from as little as 1p per person per week, the brand new website is set to transform how individuals take proactive control of their wellbeing. Accessed from any internet connected device, the site is designed to support retail employees through different career stages and life events to provide a tailored experience that meets the needs of the individual by:

  • Offering a broad range of wellbeing topics, all content has been checked by experts
  • Putting the person in control through the ability to personalise content bespoke to their needs
  • Serving information in different formats, designed to suit different learning needs and lifestyle choices
  • Updating preferences through the personalisation tool, to reflect changing interests
  • Being 100% confidential, providing employees with the confidence they need to feel safe and secure when accessing the site.

In addition, retailTRUST is able to use sophisticated analytical tools to provide anonymised data and insights that can be benchmarked against industry trends, ensuring businesses can maximise the ROI from their wellbeing strategy.

“The wellbeing of everyone involved in retail is a strategic priority for retailTRUST today, as much as it has been for the last 187 years. With the new wellbeing site, we can proactively support the needs of the industry from as little as 1p per person per week. We are thrilled to offer free access to the site to retail employees during Mental Health Awareness Week from 13 to 19 May 2019. This is a fantastic opportunity to test the new wellbeing website.” Geoff Kershaw, Business Development Director at retailTRUST

To find out more about our services, please get in touch today with Neil Duffy [email protected]

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