This looks like a huge list, don’t worry, you won’t need it all, just the documentation that is relevant to you.

To start the process, you don’t need all the paperwork to hand, but it will speed up your application process if you have it ready to upload. If not don’t worry, you can begin to fill in the form saving it as you go, then upload the relevant paperwork before confirming your application.

But remember, to get approved support, you will need to provide the supporting documentation within ten days or else your application will be automatically rejected. It’s good to get a head start in collating it now as it may take a bit of time to get it all together.

We only require copies of these documents so we can accept photocopies or photographs of the documents. All documents must be dated within the three months prior to your application.

And remember that failure to upload your documentation will result in your application being automatically rejected.

Digital inclusion

The aim of our digital inclusion support is to provide young people aged 16-24 with the support they need to get online. To support wellbeing, facilitate education, career development or find employment opportunities. Assistance provided includes help with connectivity, and devices for those who:

  1. Do not have access to appropriate devices
  2. Do not have connection to the internet at home
  3. Those on low incomes and unable to afford to purchase a device or pay for internet access.

Available support includes the provision of a device and if needed a mobile enabled wi-fi hub (12 months internet access included - download limits apply).

Proof of retail employment or apprenticeship


Your latest payslip


A letter from your current or most recent employer confirming your dates of employment on company letter headed paper or sent via company email address.


If self-employed, provide your company registration number


Filed tax return.

Proof of income and expenditure 

All documents must be dated within the three months prior to your application and uploaded to validate your application:

  • Copy of your most recent bank statement, showing your name, address, opening and closing balance and all transactions within the period covered by the statement.
  • Letter of entitlement for benefits you or a member of your household is receiving.

Proof of need (examples) 

All documents must be dated within the three months prior to your application and uploaded to validate your application.

  • Proof of traineeship placement from your training provider confirming the need for support.


  • A detailed covering letter or supporting statement from your educational establishment confirming the need for support.

I understand that failure to upload my documentation within ten days will result in my application being automatically closed. 

Agree and continue