Fundraising materials

We have a range of resources available to support your fundraising. Have a look at what is available below and download as much as you need. If there is anything else you require, please contact us at [email protected]

Don't forget to set up your page so you can start raising funds! 


Posters are a brilliant way of letting people know about your event. Put them up on the office notice board, in the local shop or anywhere they can be seen. 

Download fundraising poster      Download event poster

We also have a thank you poster which can be used after your challenge to thank the people who have supported you and let them know how much you raised. 

Download thank you poster

Social media

Many people use social media to communicate, so make the most of it! Tell all your friends and family what you're up to and gain their support. Don't forget to link back to your page every time you post. 

To download the images, click on the button below, save the images you would like and share as many times as you can!  

Download images for social media


Selfie props

These are ideal to brighten up your social media channel, use them to take a selfie while you are training or even completing your challenge! Just print this off, cut out the shapes and pose! 

Download selfie props



Bunting is great for decorating your fundraising event. Print the downloadable bunting off at home, cut out the triangles and thread them onto a piece of ribbon or string. You're ready to decorate even the best cake stands! 

Download bunting 



These labels can be used for anything you are selling. They are ideal for pricing up your bring and buy or letting people know which cakes are vegan friendly. Download and print however many you need. 

Download labels


Running number

Many races will provide you with a running number but you can always have a extra one! Use this to share your reasons for running for retailTRUST, write something like 'Running for my colleagues!', 'Supporting the retail industry!' or anything else you wish to share. 

Download your running number 


Sponsorship form

The best way to get your sponsorship money to us is by creating a page at

However, if you do need to send us cash from your event please complete the sponsorship form below and follow the instructions.  

If you have and queries about this or need any support, please contact us at [email protected]

Download your sponsorship form 

If there is anything else you need to support your fundraising activities for retailTRUST, please email us at [email protected]