Walk in our shoes | virtual event

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Spend August walking for your colleagues!

Walk in the shoes of retailTRUST for just £2 (+£1 booking fee). Visit each of our estates virtually, starting from The Hugh Fraser Retirement Estate in Glasgow all the way down to Mill Hill in London over the month of August. You can walk top to bottom or a section in between – or even get everyone involved and do it as a team!

All you need is some way of tracking your miles, some motivation and some comfy shoes.

There’s no need to tell us your mileage, we trust you! Remember to keep your team up-to-date and motivate each other.

How many of the estates will you visit?

The first stretch

Glasgow to Liverpool  - 209 miles | 7 miles a day

The trio

Glasgow, Liverpool and Salford – 238 miles | 8 miles a day

The fantastic four

Glasgow, Liverpool, Salford and Derby – 295 miles | 10 miles a day

The all-rounder!

Glasgow, Liverpool, Salford, Derby and Mill Hill – 412 miles | 14 miles a day


Entrance is just £2 (+£1 booking fee), follow the link below to join our team!

Join our team


Frequently asked questions

How do I keep track of how far I've walked?

That’s up to you. A good old-fashioned pen and paper will do or make a note on your phone. There are loads of apps out there to keep you on track.

Do I need to provide evidence to the charity that I’ve done the miles?

We trust you! You don’t need to provide evidence that you’ve completed the challenge to us. Updating your team, friends and family is important, Make sure you keep them posted on your progress and share videos and photos. The more the better!

What if I don't complete the challenge?

The only thing that matters is that you challenge yourself. Do as much as you can. Every mile helps.

How do I raise money?

Use the challenge page and select ‘start fundraising’. This will create your own fundraising page for your friends and family members. After the 30 day challenge the funds raised will automatically got to retailTRUST.

If you would like to, you can simply donate more than £2(+£1BF) when signing up, or get other team members involved.

Facebook Fundraisers is another easy way to raise money. You can set one up in jsut a few seconds. Get in touch with us at [email protected] if you want us to talk you through it. Once you’ve created your fundraiser then it’s really easy to share the page with your Facebook friends.

Can I raise money on another platform?

Of course! Just let us know which platform you will be fundraising on at [email protected]

Where will the money raised from this challenge go?

The funds will go directly to the retailTRUST CaRe20 campaign, supporting retail workers facing hardship during COVID-19. This will happen automatically through the JustGiving page.

I’ve only just seen this challenge, can I start late?

Of course! You can start anytime in the month of August. You then need to track 30 days for your challenge. So, if you start on 15 August, you have until 14 September to complete your challenge.

Does walking to work and walking in working hours count?

People of all levels of fitness are completing this challenge. The important thing is that you're doing something that challenges you. This will vary from person to person, so tailor the walk however you like. It should be tough, but achievable. You should feel satisfied when you finish it! We appreciate every single mile you complete to help our retail colleagues in this difficult time.

What if I get injured?

Your health is the most important thing. You should seek medical advice from your general practitioner if you are in any doubt about your physical or mental ability to take part in this event. retailTRUST cannot be held responsible for any injury or illness incurred during your preparation or participation in the event.