Development of the Mill Hill Estate 

cover image mill hill 2

We will be converting empty office space into ten additional flats on our Mill Hill Estate. The project is due to start in early 2020.

Suitable for single people, the new flats will be fully accessible and digitally-enabled. As part of our strategy, we are developing and designing a digital technology package to enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of our residents.

The following video showcases one of our new digitally-enabled flats.

The project is expected to cost around £900,000 and we have so far raised £25,000. 

Get involved

Individuals from all walks of life can get involved in the development of the estate. Your support will help us provide a happy life and secure future for those who need it the most.

For more information, email Kathy MacIntyre our Head of Supported Living Services at [email protected]