Together Fest 2022.

Tools to inspire, unite and live a happier, healthier life.

Our one-day festival during Mental Health Awareness Week brought together colleagues from across the UK. The incredible line-up of speakers, inspiring talks, energising classes, phenomenal attendees and supporters made our first festival one to remember. Check out some of the highlights from the day.

Explore some of the session content from the day

Watch some of the video content from the day

  • RT_TogetherFestival-(201-of-468)

    How to find your cheerleaders


    The power of connection and how to find your community at work and in life.

  • secrets-of-resilience

    Secrets of resilience


    How to build and nurture your inner strength when you need it most.

  • Generation-worry

    Generation worry? Anxiousness and how to handle it


    Symptoms, triggers and coping techniques for feelings of anxiety. Plus, how to spot the signs that somebody is struggling.

  • Anxiety-Josh

    How to keep calm under pressure


    Navigating stressful scenarios, managing conflict and how to thrive under pressure. 

  • RT_TogetherFestival-(236-of-468)

    Money clinic: financial wellness made easy


    From handling bills to having awkward conversations, financial wellness experts answer your most pressing money questions.

  • Man-down-festival-session

    We need to get more men talking


    Book of Man editor Martin Robinson hosts an enlightening conversation that tackles male mental health head-on, looking at where we are now and what needs to happen next to encourage more men to open up.

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Check out the following resources from our magnificent speakers and learn more about the topics they explored:

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Together Fest 2022 speaker resources


If you’d like to learn more about the topics explored by our fabulous speakers, take a look at the links provided.


A helping hand: six steps towards supporting your colleagues

Exclusive content from Rosie Mullender for the Retail Trust

If you spot someone struggling at work, these tips can help you to support them in the right way.

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