Suicide awareness in retail

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Who is it for?

This workshop is for anyone interested in suicide prevention.

What’s the challenge?

  • Suicide is on the rise and yet with the right skills, we can all play a part in prevention.
  • Many people lack the confidence to talk about suicide and are unsure about how to help someone who is suicidal without making things worse.
  • Without the knowledge, people that are supporting someone who is suicidal can themselves become traumatised and may not know how to ask for help.

How will your organisation benefit from this workshop?

  • Participants will understand why suicide occurs and understand the impact of stigma.
  • Participants will have clear and practical guidance around what to do in the event that someone is suicidal.
  • Participants will understand their role in preventing suicide and how to support colleagues to stay safe before professional support is provided.

This session introduces the concept that suicide is preventable and that we can all play a role in saving a life – at work and in our wider society. Participants will leave the session with practical skills for having supportive conversations with colleagues who are considering suicide and will understand what they need to do to ensure that the person can access both immediate and longer-term support with their wellbeing. We also address the emotional impact on supporters, and how to avoid compassion fatigue.

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