Supporting others experiencing emotional distress

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Who is it for?

Line managers, health and safety teams, HR and OH teams, and others with responsibility for supporting employee wellbeing.

What’s the challenge?

  • Managers often feel uncertain about what best practice for supporting colleagues looks like which only adds to their workload and pressure.
  • It can be a real challenge to help colleagues to perform well when emotional distress appears to be a barrier.
  • A disproportionate amount of time can be spent supporting some team members, distracting from other business priorities.

How will your organisation benefit from this workshop?

  • Your managers will have a clear framework for supporting people to maintain and improve performance – regardless of their level of distress.
  • Your managers will be well-equipped to prevent crises and manage their teams from a proactive position.
  • Your managers will help to improve the wellbeing and the performance of your people using pragmatic approaches in line with best practice.

Get in touch

For more information, please email Cliff Lee our Head of Wellbeing at [email protected]