Changes in relationships


There are few things more devastating than the breakdown of a marriage or serious relationship. The effects on your family and work life can be catastrophic.

Changes in relationships

Everyone copes with the end of a relationship differently. You may find your self-esteem has plummeted or feel embarrassed to tell people the relationship has ended. You may want revenge on a partner or you may feel guilty that the marriage breakdown was your fault. 

If you have trouble sleeping, feel a lack of interest in things you once enjoyed or find it difficult to concentrate, it might be a good idea to speak to your GP.

Whatever you’re feeling, there are some things you can do to work through one of the most difficult times of your life:

  • Don’t hide the news from your friends and family. Chances are someone you know well has been through a break-up too. 
  • Don’t blame yourself and accept that people will take sides. 
  • Give yourself enough time to heal before starting a new relationship.

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