Loss and bereavement

Loss and bereavement mourning wellbeing

Losing someone we love is painful. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, whether it’s the loss of a parent, partner, child or friend.

Dealing with loss and bereavement

Initially, you’ll most likely feel shock and pain at your loss. You may then feel angry or that life has dealt you a very unfair blow and experience a period of depression or longing to see the person you have lost one last time. Although painful, embracing your feelings is important in helping you to move on. 

Coping after bereavement

  • Accept help. Your friends and family will want to help but may not know how to. Be honest – suggest they make a meal, collect your children from school, or help with the housework during the first few weeks.
  • Look after yourself. Eat when you feel able and nap when you need to. If you’re having problems sleeping, speak with your pharmacist or GP. 
  • Acknowledge your feelings. Speaking with a friend who is not as close to the situation may help. You can contact retailHUB to speak with a counsellor in confidence.
  • Avoid significant life changes in the first year. You need time to grieve and to adjust.
  • If you’re struggling with finances or the costs of funerals, please click here.

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