Managing stress


If you are facing stress at work, you are not alone. Mental health charity Mind, estimates that one in six employees in the UK experience depression, anxiety or stress at any given time. 

Causes of stress at work

The HSE suggests that stress at work can be divided into six areas which can cause mental and physical ill health:

  1. Workload, work patterns and the work environment.
  2. How much say we have in the way in which we do our work.
  3. The level of encouragement and resources provided by our managers and colleagues.
  4. Relationships with managers and colleagues.
  5. How well we understand our role and how we fit into the organisation.
  6. How organisational change is managed.

Tips to manage stress at work

  • Identify the stressor, define the problem and put it into words. Once you’ve articulated the issue, you’ll feel more in control.
  • Speak with your manager or HR team. If you don’t admit that you’re struggling with something, they’ll assume everything is fine. 
  • Consider speaking with someone outside of the situation. They won’t be able to “fix” the problem for you – only you can do that – but having a friend or colleague to go to when things become overwhelming can only make you feel better. You might also like to speak with a qualified counsellor in confidence. 

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