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5 June 2024

We’re excited to partner with Shoplight, an impact driven organisation, to launch a new partnership that supports both the people and the planet.

Through Shoplight’s Buy Blue initiative, every sale of a ‘Retail Trust Edition’ from Shoplight’s biopolymer lighting range contributes a 2% donation of the sale price to our charity.

Retail Trust Editions are easily identified by the blue lozenge on track spotlights or the blue reflector ring on recessed downlights and spotlights.

The Retail Trust Editions give any retailer the opportunity to be part of a fundraising initiative and proudly show their customers that they support all retail colleagues simply by Buying Blue.

When brands Buy Blue, they are purchasing innovative, sustainable retail lighting that is also better for the planet. The Retail Trust Editions are all from Shoplight’s 3D-printed, biopolymer, UK-made range which significantly reduce carbon emissions relating to manufacture and transport.

Mark Shortland, co-founder of Shoplight, said: “Shops are fundamental to the success of Shoplight, so partnering with the Retail Trust is an opportunity to give back to the people on the frontline of retail, the people without whom, stores would not be possible. With the support of our clients, this kind of partnership could raise thousands of pounds for the Retail Trust, welcome funds for the people who are the driving force of retail.” 

Chris Brook-Carter, CEO of the Retail Trust, said: “We help thousands of retail workers across the country look after their physical, mental and financial health. It’s fantastic to partner with Shoplight so that we can continue to transform lives and create a healthier and happier future for the retail industry.”

Buy Blue and give 2% to the Retail Trust!

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