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It’s designed to put you first. Packed full of articles, quizzes, videos and advice on everything from mental health and wellbeing to your career and lifestyle, you take charge and decide what’s important. Think of it as your very own support network, once you’ve registered you can personalise it and choose what topics interest you. Whether that be advice on how to cope with anxiety or financial worries to valuable tips on managing a team or reworking your CV. You’re in total control.

And remember, it’s completely confidential. Completely. That means, as with everything at the Retail Trust, no one at work will know what topics you choose, what you’re clicking on, what you’re reading or whether you’re reaching out for counselling or financial aid.

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Create your personalised toolkit

Here are some of the subjects we cover:

  • Managing stress
  • Giving up smoking
  • Core skills to help you at work
  • CV and interview support
  • Redundancy
  • Loss and bereavement

Emotional support

Life can get a little overwhelming for all of us. We want you to know you’re not alone. Whether you’re looking for information and guidance or need professional support and counselling, we’re here to help in times of need.

  • 1_Understanding-mental-health

    Understanding mental health


    We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health, and it can ebb and flow throughout our lives. Find out more about some of the most common mental health conditions that might affect you, your colleagues and your loved ones.

  • Two colleagues laughing

    Happiness assessment


    How happy are you at work? And how can you be happier? Complete a short happiness assessment and get your free action plan to be a better you.

  • Counselling article

    A guide to the Retail Trust counselling services

    2020-07-15T13:12:00+01:00Exclusive content from

    Counselling offers people from all walks of life a confidential space to talk through their feelings, concerns, hopes and fears with a trained and qualified counsellor. Find out about the short-term counselling support that the Retail Trust offers.

Physical wellbeing

Whether you’re looking for quick ideas and inspiration or just don’t know where to start in your journey to a healthier you, we’re here to help.

Career development

We’ve got loads of handy tips, expert advice and in-depth articles to help, wherever you might be on your career path.

Financial health

We know that financial pressure can really affect our mental health. If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, worried about money because of a health condition (yours or a family member) or have an unexpected change in circumstances we may be able to help financially.

For managers

Whether you’re a newly appointed manager or looking to brush up on your leadership skills, we’ve got a whole wealth of resources to help you lead your team with enthusiasm, expertise and empathy.