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Financial support when you need it most.

We know that financial pressures can really affect our wellbeing. If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, worried about money because of a health condition (yours or a family member’s) or have an unexpected change in circumstances, we may be able to help with non-repayable financial aid.

And remember, as with everything at the Retail Trust, applications for financial aid are completely confidential and will not affect your credit rating or any means-tested benefits you may be receiving.

In addition to providing access to financial aid, the Retail Trust has also partnered with a number of specialist organisations to provide debt support, financial education and access to one-to-one support with a financial coach. Click here to find out more about how you could benefit by tackling your debts and improving your relationship with money.

Who can apply?

Applications for financial aid via the Retail Trust will be accepted from those currently working or with a recent working history in the retail industry or supporting services, including:  

  • Logistics or distribution
  • Manufacturing 
  • Warehousing 
  • Wholesale 
  • Supply chain 
  • Pharmacy, pharmaceuticals or medical supplies 
  • Property management 
  • Facilities management. 

Applications can also be made by third parties, such as case workers, debt advisors, Citizens Advice or other welfare agency workers on behalf of eligible applicants once they have had been approved as an external case worker by the Retail Trust.   

To check if you qualify as a case worker, please click here for more details. 


What can we help with? 

Financial aid from the Retail Trust is available to support those facing the challenge of financial hardship due to a range of circumstances, including if you: 

  • Have experienced an unexpected or significant reduction in household income due to an unforeseen event which has resulted in financial crisis
  • Have significant priority debts relating to household bills, such as council tax, utilities or rent 
  • Are unable to provide the basic daily living essentials for your family
  • Need to support with the cost of application fees associated with a Persons at Risk of Violence Order (PARV) Debt Relief Order (DRO), the making of a bankruptcy order or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)
  • Need to replace an essential home appliance such as a cooker, oven, washing machine or refrigerator
  • Require essential home repairs due to fire or flood where no insurance cover exists
  • Are at risk of immediate homelessness
  • Need financial help as a direct result of leaving an abusive relationship
  • Require assistance with medical appliances not covered under the NHS
  • Require essential home adaptations and improvements to assist those living with a disability or long-term health condition
  • Need assistance with travel and associated costs to visit your sick child or other dependant due to hospitalisation
  • Require a respite break which allows carers and those with long-term illness or disability to take a break within the UK.

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