Problem solving and resilience

Learning how to build your resilience can help you accomplish your goals in life. Here are some resources to help you persevere and solve problems effectively.

  • Taking control

    Taking control of your life


    In this TED Talk, Patti Dobrowolski invites a new innovative way of how you can take control of your life and reach your goals through pictoral representation.

  • Problem solving at work

    Seven steps to effective problem solving at work


    When you treat a complex problem like a simple, one you are likely to get caught in a loop where every solution creates another problem. Learn how to avoid that loop.

  • Building resilience from trauma

    A personal journey of building resilience from trauma


    How we process, respond to and act on events that happen in our lives has huge implications on how our lives develop. Charles Hunt shares his own personal journey of trauma and developing resilience.

  • What is grit

    What is 'grit' and how to get it!


    Grit is viewed by many to be the secret of all success in life - the passion, perseverance and tenacity that helps you achieve your life goals. So how do you develop the ability to have grit?

  • Developing resilience

    Learning to become more resilient


    Learning how to develop resilience and never giving up, is a key skill that we all need to accomplish our goals in life.

  • assertiveness

    Simple approaches to developing assertiveness

    2019-07-10T02:11:00+01:00Exclusive content from

    Assertiveness allows us to put across our needs, points of view, and our expectations without threatening the rights and views of others. One of the more common misunderstandings is that it’s the same as aggression but the two are very different. Explore the characteristics associated with assertiveness and how to become more assertive.

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