Interpersonal skills

Being able to communicate effectively with others relies heavily on our interpersonal skills. Explore the following resources to find out how you can improve yours.

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    Managing conflict in the workplace

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    We all face challenging situations in the workplace. It’s important to tackle any issue as quickly as possible and by taking the lead to improve the situation, you’ll help to minimise the impact it has on you and others.

  • Interpersonal skills in work

    The importance of interpersonal skills in the workplace


    The ability to communicate effectively in an organisation depends heavily on people’s interpersonal skills. This animated video runs through the seven main areas of interpersonal communication needed to perform effectively at work.

  • Improve your interpersonal skills

    How to improve your interpersonal skills


    Interpersonal skills can make a real difference in home and work situations. Sarah Lloyd Hughes from Ginger Training and Coaching shares with us three quick tips to help build rapport quickly and effectively.

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    Dealing positively with negative people

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    Some people in our lives may be persistently negative and nothing we say or do ever seems to make a difference. This article provides guidance on what we can do to protect ourselves from being negatively influenced by someone else’s outlook.

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