Relationship breakdowns

The breakdown of a marriage or serious relationship can have catastrophic effects on your family and work-life. We can support you through this difficult time.

  • relationship breakdown

    Dealing with the end of your relationship

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    Whether you’re the person who has initiated the breakup and has decided to leave, or you’re the one who hasn’t had a say in the matter, the end of a significant relationship can be a heart breaking and life-changing experience. 

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    Working through problems in your relationship

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    If you’re struggling with issues in your relationship and feel that you’ve exhausted all avenues to resolve them on your own, you might benefit from external advice and support which can help couples to explore their problems and strengthen their bond.

  • Helping children through divorce

    Helping children through divorce

    Relate counsellor Paula Hall gives practical tips on how to talk to your children about separation and divorce.

  • The impact of family conflict, family relaxing in home

    The impact of family conflict

    The ProContactServices work with families to tell the stories of young people affected by family conflict. Parents always want to do what is right for their kids, but family conflict is more complicated than that and often parents don’t realise how torn children feel about family conflict.

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    How to stop using abuse in your relationship

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    It can be very difficult for someone to accept that their behaviour is causing another person harm, but one can’t change what one doesn’t acknowledge. Find out about the help that is available.

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    Leaving an abusive relationship

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    No one deserves to be abused and there are many reasons why people stay in abusive relationships. Despite the barriers, people do leave safely and go on to recover from their experiences with the right kind of support.

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    Understanding domestic abuse

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    Anyone can experience abuse by their partner. Learn about the types of domestic abuse that occur, the signs to look out for and where you can find support. Telling someone that you need help could save your life.

  • Dame Jennifer Murray

    The different forms of domestic violence and abuse

    Dame Jennifer Susan “Jenni” Murray, journalist and broadcaster, talks about the different forms of domestic violence and abuse.

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