Confidence and assertiveness

Confidence is a state of mind. Gaining confidence can help you take on the challenges you may face throughout life and building on that confidence can help you to become stronger over time.

  • Woman giving an inspiring talk to colleagues

    The six traits all confident people share

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    From the quietly assured to the blindingly brilliant, confidence takes many forms, but there are certain characteristics that super confident people all share. And tapping into them could give your own inner cheerleader a boost. 

  • Man sat at desk reading paperwork with his head in his hand

    Understanding and managing imposter syndrome

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    Imposter syndrome is something that many of us may have experienced. It’s that feeling that people think that we’re more experienced or knowledgeable than we believe ourselves to be. As uncomfortable as it is, there are things we can all do to build our confidence and believe in what we have to offer.

  • building confidence in your life

    How to build extraordinary confidence in your life

    Dr Aziz spent many years of his life as a shy, anxious person who did not like himself very much and felt inferior to the people around him. In this video he shares the philosophy that he adopted to break out of his comfort zone and transform his life.

  • Increase confidence at work

    Increase your confidence at work

    Caroline Goyder, author of the Star Qualities, shares top tips for confidence, speaking well and making a really good impression at work.

  • Increase your confidence

    Increase your confidence to feel happy and fulfilled at work

    This video examines how you can maximise your confidence in your career and feel happy and fulfilled at work.

  • Boost your confidence

    How to boost your confidence

    This video investigates why some of us suffer from low self-esteem and lack confidence, and what can we do to overcome this?

  • assertiveness

    Simple approaches to developing assertiveness

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    Assertiveness allows us to put across our needs, points of view, and our expectations without threatening the rights and views of others. One of the more common misunderstandings is that it’s the same as aggression but the two are very different. Explore the characteristics associated with assertiveness and how to become more assertive.

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