Wellbeing awareness resources

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Being there #forthefour starts with the friends, family members and colleagues closest to you. You don’t need to be an expert in wellbeing to support those around you.

To help you start the conversation we have created downloadable resources for you to use. From top tips and graphics, through to activities, we have put together a diverse range of content to support the wellbeing of four out of four of your colleagues. 

You are free to use these resources as you deem appropriate but we have suggested some uses in the descriptions below. If there is anything else you need or if you have any queries, please email [email protected]

Top tips

Here are some top tips for anyone looking to start a conversation with a member of your team. It is helpful to print this sheet and have it with you.

Download tips on starting the conversation

WEMWBS wellbeing assessment

Complete a short wellbeing assessment yourself or share with your friends and colleagues. Each individual will need to complete the assessment and they will be given a wellbeing rating based on their answers.

Click here to complete the wellbeing assessment

Tool to spot the early warning signs of distress

This tool is to be completed by the individual experiencing distress, and should be updated regularly as a way to monitor the signs. You could use this tool to base discussions around wellbeing at work or with a friend or health professional.

Download the tool

Mental health awareness quiz

Download our short mental health awareness quiz, perfect for breaking the ice before a group conversation about mental health.

This can either be read aloud from the screen or printed and filled in – remember to hide the answer sheet!

Download quiz questions

Download answer sheet

Click here to find out more about our campaign to be there #forthefour in four people working in retail. 

For further resources visit retailtrust.org.uk/resources