Guide for elevator programme mentors

Don Mcarthy

The elevator mentoring programme aims to support and inspire up-and-coming retail talent, at every stage of their career.

This is your opportunity to ‘send the elevator back down’ to those aspiring individuals who will benefit from your retail experience and expertise.


Please ensure you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You are currently working or will have previously worked as a chief executive or held a senior position within retail
  • You are able to commit to eight hours per year per mentee
  • You are happy to communicate regularly with retailTRUST.


  • When you register your interest, please tell us why you would like to become a mentor.
  • Meetings can take place face-to-face, by telephone or through a video call. The frequency and length of each meeting will be mutually agreed by you and your mentee, and will depend on their objectives, as well as the time you are both able to commit. 
  • Once you have been matched with a suitable mentee, the first meeting will cover the basics including:
    • The mentee’s ambitions and future goals.
    • The relationship moving forward such as how often you would like to meet, follow-up meetings, how you will keep in touch, confidentiality, responsibilities and how you will record progress as well as any issues.
  • As the mentor, you will be the guardian of the relationship because of your experience and knowledge.
  • A member of the retailTRUST team will be available for support and guidance throughout the mentoring programme.

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