National Inclusion Week

Inclusion in the workplace is now a universal expectation and advancing workplace diversity is more important than ever.

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Diverse group of friends chatting and laughing

Diversity and inclusion strategy


We talked to three major retailers about the lessons they’ve learned.

org culture and ethics

Equality, diversity and inclusion


Equality, diversity and inclusion is about making sure that no one feels left out due to their age, ethnicity, gender, culture, language or any other factor. Here are some resources for you to explore.

Team meeting taking places with people of different races and abilities

Improving equality, diversity and inclusion in your workplace

2020-06-24T12:41:00+01:00Source: Acas

Acas have put together some helpful guidance on how to make your workplace more inclusive. Find out what your equality, diversity and inclusion policy could include, and how it can be put into practice.

work colleagues sat around a desk talking

The LGBTQIA+ terms every good ally should know

2021-08-17T09:39:00+01:00Exclusive content from the Retail Trust

Here’s our guide to helping you understand sexuality and gender words.

Three friends hugging and laughing

How to be an LGBTQIA+ ally

2021-08-17T09:15:00+01:00Exclusive content from the Retail Trust

If you really care about your workplace being a truly inclusive place you have the ability to effect change – as an ally.