Championing people in retail to create the next generation of future leaders.

We passionately believe that where you start out in life should NEVER determine where you end up. Now more than ever before, we need to ensure that the meritocratic reputation of retail is protected, embraced and celebrated while transforming the lives of those that simply need to be given an opportunity.  

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Retail is one of the great engines of social mobility and is one of the few sectors where people can progress from shop floor to the boardroom, no matter their background. 

We recognise the power of the retail sector to harness its ability and reputation to support the most vulnerable in creating credible pathways and progression opportunities. By giving young people the work and life skills they need to make a start, we know we have a HUGE opportunity in unlocking talent and discovering the next generation of retail workers.  

Confidence to believe in a brighter future. 

One way or another, we’ve come to think that belief is only for the chosen few, for the lucky ones. The truth is, belief is inside all of us. We just need help discovering it. The Retail Trust do this by breaking down barriers and building new opportunities. For all young people, no matter their background. We help give them the confidence to believe they can. And in doing so, create a brighter future. 

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  • Apprenticeships


    Working closely with employers and universities, we have developed a suite of retail apprenticeship degrees.

  • elevator prog


    Our mentoring scheme ‘sends the elevator back down’ to those aspiring individuals who will benefit from the experience and expertise of mentors in their given field.

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    Working with trusted training providers and organisations throughout the UK, we partner with retailers to support active jobseekers into a new career in retail.