Redefining your personal brand and CV

Redefining your personal brand and CV | retailTRUST

After this session attendees will feel empowered and have the knowledge to develop their own personal brand. We will look at the implications of the digital landscape on CVs and recruitment.

Learning objectives

  1. To understand their digital footprint and how it may affect employment.
  2. The knowledge to be able to differentiate between the growth mindset and fixed mindset. Using the growth mindset to reinforce an ‘always learning’ behaviour through the use of online courses, and trends to expand understanding of the digital landscape.
  3. To classify which hobbies and interests can be potentially monetised, and the tools that can be used to assist with these goals.
  4. To create CVs and cover letters that stand out when applying for roles in the digital workforce.
  5. To create or update their professional online presence, giving employers confidence in their abilities.