Mental health awareness in the retail sector

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Who is it for?

For anyone interested in learning more about managing and protecting mental health in stressful situations.

What’s the challenge?

  • Mental health problems are on the increase in the UK.
  • Retail and the associated service industries are fast-paced and constantly changing environments; knowing how to support ourselves and others is essential.
  • Although we all have mental health, not everyone is confident in their knowledge of the area which can prevent colleagues from seeking – and accepting – help.

How will your organisation benefit from this workshop?

  • Participants will leave the workshop able to speak more confidently about mental health to their colleagues and managers.
  • Participants will know how to spot the early warning signs that a colleague is struggling.
  • Participants will have the skills to be able to support colleagues and signpost them to the right kind of help.

Get in touch

For more information, please email Cliff Lee our Head of Wellbeing at [email protected]