Suicide awareness in retail for line managers

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Who is it for?

Line managers, health and safety teams, HR and OH teams, and others with responsibility for supporting employee wellbeing.

What’s the challenge?

  • The risk of suicide in UK retail is higher compared to some other sectors.
  • Many people lack the confidence to talk about suicide and are unsure about how to help a colleague who is suicidal without making things worse.
  • Managers in retail face unique challenges both in terms of the frequency of being called on to support, and being prepared for specific scenarios which are unique to the sector.

How will your organisation benefit from this workshop?

  • Managers will feel better prepared to talk about suicide and dispel the myths surrounding it.
  • Managers will have clear guidance on what to do in the event that someone is suicidal based on the ‘ten rules of responding to suicidal colleagues in the retail sector’.
  • Managers will understand their role in preventing suicide and how to support colleagues to stay safe until external professional support is provided.

This session explores how managers can identify the signs that someone may be considering taking their life, and how organisations can respond to that individual both emotionally and practically. We demystify many beliefs surrounding suicide and upskill managers to be able to identify, approach and support someone in a crisis, look after their own wellbeing by maintaining professional and personal boundaries with the individual, and know what to do when faced with the most common scenarios we see in the workplace. We also support the commissioning retailer to address prevention at work via workable and easy-to-follow policies.

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