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The Retail Trust cares passionately and knows more about the health and wellbeing of everyone who works in retail. We’ve made it our business for nearly 200 years. Now, we can combine our knowledge of colleagues, with a wealth of exclusive retail employee data, to provide you with better insights and greater confidence to help more people.

The power to unlock a happier, healthier workplace. And transform lives for good.

For you, your people, and your company.

Happiness assessment

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Colleague assessment plan and free action plan

Happiness dashboard

Unlock your employees’ happiness

Dashboard for actionable, personalised and strategic insights


Your people are your strongest asset. We all know that, but can we prove it? A happier workforce is a more productive one and the business benefits are endless.

Our generative AI powered happiness dashboard enables you to demonstrate the financial and social impact on your business of investing in happier colleagues. The data and actionable insights allow you to personalise your wellbeing strategy and empower your people to take control of their health and happiness.

The platform brings together data from diverse sources and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyse it and spot patterns far more quickly and accurately than humans could. Meaningful data and actionable insights are then surfaced through the live, interactive dashboard. This makes it easy to pinpoint potential problem areas and follow suggested actions to better support your employees. The dashboard allows you to monitor performance against key wellbeing indicators and benchmark this performance against your peers and the broader retail industry.

 Key features

  • In-depth overview of how your colleagues are engaging with the Retail Trust services.
  • A health and happiness score on how your colleagues are feeling.
  • Your financial business impact in terms of a reduction in absenteeism and presenteeism, and improved productivity.
  • The social and economic impact our partnership delivers.
  • Evidence-based actionable insights to understand the campaigns that would be relevant for larger cohorts of your workforce.
  • Campaign tracking to understand who is and isn’t engaging with your wellbeing campaigns.
  • Benchmarking options against the rest of the retail industry and your peers.


Create a happier and healthier business