Julian Burnett_photo

“The retail industry is all about people and the way they feel in their everyday experiences of work. The health and wellbeing of our retail industry depends so much upon the health and wellbeing of everyone working in it. The impact of COVID-19 has been profound and now, more than ever, the work Retail Trust does to support people and enable retail employers to do the same is absolutely vital. Right at the heart of how the industry performs is the hope, health and happiness of everyone involved and Retail Trust has been there caring for and protecting people since 1832. I’m proud to be an Ambassador for such an essential organisation.”

Julian has served in range of digital and technology leadership roles, delivering transformational change at the forefront of integrated digital/physical retailing for Sainsbury’s, John Lewis, House of Fraser. He has also served a wide range of retail clients through his role leading the retail industry team at IBM, and his consultancy and Non-Executive work. An expert in optimising the teams, capabilities and assets of fast paced and expanding retail businesses, Julian specialises in building high performing digital, tech and data functions to drive gains through enhanced customer and colleague experience.  He believes passionately in the potential of all people and the power of teams to deliver amazing outcomes, often well beyond their own expectations of what is possible, when provided the right support.