Retail is nothing without the people who, behind the scenes and on the front line, make the magic happen. The Retail Trust has fought for their hope, health and happiness for nearly two centuries and I’m proud to act as an Ambassador for an organisation so focused on this crucial work.

Peter Cross has been in the business of understanding and delighting customers his whole life and is now a global speaker, writer and consultant.

Eight years in charge of the customer experience at John Lewis and ten more as Mary Portas’ business partner, mean there are few who can match Peter’s unique blend of consulting and practical experience and step so confidently into the future of retail, helping brands and organisations remain irresistible to their target consumers.

Known for his charismatic, inspiring and straight talking style, Peter draws on his experience with some of the world’s most iconic brands and shares trusted techniques of deepening relationships with both consumers and employees through brand purpose and authentic human connection.

In his time at John Lewis customers slept in shops, staff were sent to theatre school, the organisation’s customer service agenda, values and purpose were reset, a Christmas ad campaign became the global benchmark and Waitrose played a front line role in feeding the nation. During his time as a Consultant, charity shops were reinvented, a professional cosmetic line opened Institutes in multiple territories, a report for the Government predicted the future of the high street, one of the world’s biggest shopping malls opened during a global recession and the greatest luxury brands redefined the meaning of physical retail.

Peter sat on the Government’s high street task force and is a Vice President at the Institute of Customer Service.