Connected living supports mental health and wellbeing

Hugh Fraser Returement Estate Resident

“I have what feels like solid ground to walk on, something that has been rare previously in my life.”

Our supported living communities are an ideal environment for individuals over the age of 55 to thrive and fully enjoy the highest quality of life in their later years. They allow residents to maintain their independence and access help when needed.

As one of our resident’s describes below, this level of support creates an environment where people feel safe and secure, which leads to better mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

“My exact diagnosis is schizophrenia with paranoia and mood elements. My condition can be very difficult to treat and for me to cope with. My medication, though it has positive effects on all my symptoms, sometimes fails to deal with the extremes of my condition namely extreme elation and extreme depression. There are rarely triggers for these feelings. They wax and wane for no obvious causes.

“Regarding my present home, it has had a profound effect on all of my symptoms, particularly on the depth of my depression and my paranoia. I feel safe here, something that has been rare in my life.

“I am extremely proud of my flat.  Everything about it helps me feel secure. This includes the design and layout of it and the technology – mainly Alexa. While nothing can entirely alleviate the difficulty of managing my condition, security can lessen the extremes.

“I have had good periods and bad periods in my time here. I feel that it has had particularly positive effects on the depth of my periods of contentment and indeed happiness. I feel nothing but gratitude towards retailTRUST for the opportunity to enjoy my home.

“In summary – my experience here has benefited my health profoundly. I have what feels like solid ground to walk on, something that has been rare previously in my life.”

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