Jake 1

“Watching your child going through intensive cancer treatment is horrific. However, he deals remarkably well with everything that is thrown at him and he has a happy, positive outlook on life.”

In the summer of 2019, Jake Cohen had been battling high-risk neuroblastoma, a particularly aggressive childhood cancer, for more than two years and was being treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Almost 50% of children diagnosed will relapse at some point, and when that happens, sadly less than one in ten survive.

Jake received extensive treatment and underwent numerous procedures as part of his treatment plan. Working closely with Solving Kids Cancer, Jake’s parents, Adam and Hannah aimed to secure the funds necessary to ensure that whatever lies ahead for him can be paid for.

“Neuroblastoma is so complex to treat and Jake’s journey could take any number of routes. We just want to ensure we are ready for whatever the future may bring in terms of Jake’s treatment and it could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.” Hannah, Jake’s mum.

The family applied for a non-repayable grant to help secure Jake’s future and the Retail Trust were able to assist them in the amount of £4,000.  

Neil Duffy, Director of Wellbeing and Funding at the Retail Trust states, “We were delighted to support the family’s efforts in raising funds to secure the next step in the treatment plan.”

In October 2019, Jake and his family received the fantastic news that his treatment was over. The family were delighted to have a “normal and boring” 2020, as much as was possible for anyone.

Jake 2

Jake is now happily back to school and enjoying life to the full.

“Jake finished treatment in October 2019 and is doing absolutely brilliantly. Covid aside, we have had a very normal and boring year which we are delighted with. He has had as normal a school year as anyone has. The money is currently held in a restricted fund so it will be there if we need it for any treatment in the future. Neuroblastoma unfortunately has high relapse rates so it gives us comfort to have money in reserve.” Jake’s Dad Adam. 

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