Wendy works as a Design Sales Assistant at Magnet. After losing her mum, Wendy contacted our helpline and received support from a counsellor to help her deal with her loss. 

“I lost my mum very quickly and unexpectedly and found it extremely difficult. When I returned to work after compassionate leave I found it difficult coping. I was approached by my Store Manager Matthew Hudson and my HR Manager Sarah Wilson with the Retail Trust telephone number just to talk to initially. I was so distraught that I would talk to anyone if it could help me.

“I had an online interview and was offered counselling sessions with Carla who was my life saver!  

“I have now finished my counselling sessions and feel so much better, although I do have my moments. Carla has made me realise this is normal and it is ok. I am able to help myself more and apply some techniques she gave me to do as and when I need to. The sessions helped so much and was just the support I needed. I personally have benefited immensely from the service offered by the Retail Trust and I’m extremely grateful, so thank you!”

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