Mother cuddling son in wheelchair

“I look at Dylan and how happy and cheeky he is and feel truly blessed for the help we have received from the Trust.”

We have been supporting Tanya and Dylan since 2016 through our wellbeing services. Dylan lives with Duchenne muscular dystrophy which is a muscle-wasting condition with no cure or treatment. When Dylan lost his ability to walk, Tanya contacted us for a welfare grant to adapt their home. 

Nearly two years on, the adaptations made to the family home are now complete. We caught up with Tanya to find out more about the impact of these changes.

How has the retailHUB team supported you?

“We received financial support from retailHUB which meant we could complete all the work needed without having to get a loan or owe any more money. This was a huge relief as we knew more equipment would be needed later.” 

When did you apply for support and what changes have been made to your home?

“We first applied for support in November 2016 when we were adapting our home to make a downstairs bedroom, wet room and access for Dylan to get in and out of the house. We then reapplied in March 2018, so we could level off the drive access which is now complete.”

How has the support impacted your family?

“I only wish you could see how much your help has impacted our whole family life. The adaptations have made daily living so much easier for us. For example, we don’t have to carry Dylan up and down the stairs to bed, we don’t have to carry him up to the car or out into the garden so he can play and we no longer have to lift him into the bath.”

What difference has the support made to Dylan?

“These things have made a huge difference to Dylan’s life. The changes have given him back his independence and allowed him to make choices about where he wants to go and what he wants to do. For example, Dylan can now choose if he wants to go and play in the garden. 

“Dylan never used to play in his bedroom because he was always afraid that no one would hear him calling and come to help him up, but now he can play in his room knowing l am outside the door.

“It is however the things we take for granted that have had the biggest impact for Dylan including being able to brush his own teeth, shower himself and get out his own clothes. It brings a tear to my eye when l see his little smiley face. Amazing how it makes him feel grown up and in control.

“I am in contact with other families with boys who also have Duchenne muscular dystrophy and they are constantly struggling to get help. 

“I look at Dylan and how happy and cheeky he is and feel truly blessed for the help we have received from the Trust, without it we would be under huge financial pressure and day-to-day living would be unbearable.”

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