“Keep smiling and one thing you must do a day is make one person happy.”

Jackie Hulley, Café Manager at Morrisons, has been going above and beyond to help people in the local community. The team at Morrisons has been supporting 13 different charities, one of which is the Retail Trust. Amanda Devine, PA and Support Office Manager at our Mill Hill estate, nominated Jackie for her fantastic support.

“Jackie approached us towards the end of March asking if we would like food parcels for the residents. Since then we have had at least one or two food parcels for the residents each week. That’s food parcels for 72 properties. Jackie also supports other residential homes and charities in the area. Jackie has been so supportive to our residents, not only supplying the essentials but also books, a few games and cards to help the residents pass the time.

“Supporting charities isn’t Jackie’s job within Morrisons. Jackie manages the café but since the COVID-19 outbreak, the cafés are no longer open. She has found a passion in helping and supporting others, always willing to help with a smile and friendly banter.”

Working in catering for over 19 years, Jackie and her colleague Mia-carla Brosnan are used to serving the local community. In these difficult circumstances, they are working extra hours and giving up their own time to ensure they still can.  

“I’m a Café Manager who loves and thrives on hard work. I don’t take breaks. I work 15 to 16 hours a day but I have a wonderful husband who supports me. 

“My whole family are in isolation and I should be too because I have life-threating asthma but I want to help others. I love helping people. I also deliver to the isolated and elderly people every day. On my days off, I’m shopping for charities and my own family.

“We are a pair, Mia and myself, who both think the same way. We care and love to bring happiness to people’s lives. All we need is a thank you. There’s so much heartache and tears at this present time that we just want to give a little, might not be a lot, but a smile, kind word, gesture or happy face, that’s all we ask.

“Keep smiling and one thing you must do a day is make one person happy.”

Jackies colleague Mia said:

“Jackie is my café manager and not only does she do all she was nominated for but also feeds all of us employees at Morrison’s Borehamwood making us homemade pies all in her own time when she gets home from a long day at work. She goes above and beyond for us all, Jackie is a fantastic manager, friend and a true inspiration, it’s truly an honour to know her.”

Through the COVID-19 crisis, retail colleagues like Jackie are putting their customers’ health and wellbeing before their own.

Recognise your #RetailHero today!

The fundraising campaign, ’#forthefour’- championing the health of retail’, aims to raise £10 million to provide the financial, emotional, physical and vocational support that will be desperately needed by these #RetailHeroes and their families who may be ineligible for government support during the health emergency. 

To share your appreciation for those working on retail’s frontline, we would like you to nominate an incredible friend, family member or your local shop worker during this difficult time. 

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