Trusts and foundations.

As a charity, we work with a number of grant-making trusts and foundations who help us to transform the lives of the four million people who work in retail.

We understand the importance of meeting the needs and objectives of each trust and foundation when funding vital projects at the Retail Trust. We are immensely grateful for such invaluable support. 

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What we can offer you 

We will provide regular updates about the impact your donation has made to our work. In addition, we offer visits to our estates so you can see the great work that we do first-hand and meet our dedicated staff. 

There are also recognition initiatives for our most generous donors – from acknowledgement in our impact report and social media, to offering naming opportunities for capital projects. 

If you’re interested in supporting the Retail Trust, please get in get in touch withNaomi Rollings, Head of Partnerships and Events

How your donation could help. 

We have a number of exciting projects that urgently require funding and your gift could make all the difference.

Redevelopment of our Hugh Fraser Retirement Estate in Glasgow 

The life-changing project has created 46 new smart homes and enabled residents to take the first steps towards digital connected care.  

Individuals are able to switch on their lights, heating, and appliances by voice activation, and set voice prompts and reminders for medical appointments. A smart bell enables support staff and family members to monitor who is calling at the resident’s door. 

A digital carephone is used to directly contact support staff, family members and friends. A wearable pendant and SafeMotion watch allows residents to access help in an emergency. Sensors monitor movement around the home and check whether residents are heating their home appropriately. 

Digital technology has enabled our residents to have much greater choice over the care and support needed to maintain their health, independence and overall wellbeing. 

“I love my flat, it’s the best move I have ever made. I think the staff are very nice and helpful, nothing is a bother when you ask for advice or help. I love my Alexa and love learning new things with it that I never knew before.” 

The next phase of the project is to refurbish six blocks of existing flats in our Fraser Court annexe. We are seeking funding to enable the project to start in autumn 2021. Our aim is to refurbish two blocks of four flats per year, completing the full 24 flats within three years. Your support will help us provide a happy life and secure future for those who need it the most. 


Development of our Marshall Estate in London 

In recent years Marshall Hall has been used as office accommodation. A project to return this magnificent building back to its original use as residential accommodation, providing quality homes for former retail workers is underway. Suitable for single people, the new flats will be fully accessible and digitally-enabled. Download our redevelopment brochure to view our plans. 

Development of our Leylands Estate in Derby  

We will be developing 12 new accommodation units on our Leylands Estate as well as a guest flat. The building work is expected to start late 2022. Suitable for single people, the new flats will be fully accessible and digitally-enabled.