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Day one

Keynote session
The health of retail
With David Potts Chief Executive, Morrisons 

David Potts, chief executive of Morrisons, in conversation with Chris Brook-Carter, on how to lead in a crisis, why colleagues' health and wellbeing should be at the centre of the retail conversation and how retailers can build back for a stronger future. 


The new normal: what will retailers’ new role in society be?
Panel session hosted by Chris Brook-Carter

Panel features
Sach Kukadia, Chairman of ReHaus and Director of Residently

Helen Dickinson, Chief Executive, BRC
Nick Beighton, Chief Executive Officer, ASOS

The pandemic has presented major challenges for retailers; adapting workplaces, supporting remote workers, furlough schemes and redundancies. So many in the retail industry have stepped up to help employees and communities, from rolling out new benefits and programmes and helping their colleagues navigate the pandemic to playing a role in the communities they serve, they’ve led with purpose and empathy.

How will businesses collaboratively continue along this path, help find sustainable solutions to society’s workforce problems and provide hope for the future of retail?

Beyond imposter syndrome: a new path for health and wellbeing
Rob Cross, Founder, Muru Leadership

How do you silence your inner critic? Over the past year, many of us are doubting ourselves more than ever before. We’ve been living with a heightened sense of anxiety and uncertainty and with our usual support networks removed it’s been hard to stay focussed, resilient and confident in our abilities. So, how we can help quieten our inner critic, boost our self-confidence and move beyond imposter syndrome? By asking three simple questions.

Why everyone should talk about mental health
With Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell, author, public speaker and strategist on why we should ALL talk about mental health, how to get help if you’re struggling – and how to help others. Plus why the workplace should take a leadership role in tackling mental health issues and how HR leaders can help make a difference now.

Your mental health and money:
Top tips to worry less about your finances

Alex Partridge, Wellbeing Ambassador, Wagestream and Nicholas Agwuncha, Co-founder, Money Medics

Money is one of the biggest reported sources of stress and anxiety in the UK and the financial upheaval over the last year has had a huge impact on our mental health and wellbeing. So, we’re here to help. For this session, Wagestream have teamed up with Money Medics to give simple steps and advice to help you look after your financial wellbeing and feel back in control of your money, including tactics on how to set yourself realistic goals, how to shape your financial values and a savings challenge we can all get on board with.

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Day two

How to deal with uncertainty at work
Panel session hosted by Amy Prendergast

Panel features
Jo Walmsley, Director of People Capability, John Lewis Partnership
Lauren Young, Culture and Communications Director, Very
Louise Stonier, Chief People and Culture Officer, Pets at Home

HR leaders have been at the epicentre of their business’ pandemic responses. They’ve led on complex issues like employee safety, mental health, productivity and morale. They have forged the way in bringing health and wellbeing at work to the forefront of business thinking. The understanding being, that the health of our colleagues is the foundation for ongoing success of business.

Change and uncertainty at work can have a huge impact on our mental health and happiness. So, how have businesses supported their employees in the past year? What has changed in their approach? And how will they continue to support the health and happiness of their employees into the future? 

Trailblazing companies: the importance of having purpose
Panel session hosted by Chris Brook-Carter

Panel features
David McDowell, President and COO, Brewdog
Jane Shepherdson CBE, Chair, My Wardrobe HQ
Jo Tutchener-Sharp, CEO and founder, Scamp & Dude

Defining purpose in slogans and statements is the easy part. What makes purpose real is following through on its implications and letting it guide the choices you make. It’s not about what you do, but WHY. Purpose defines an organisation’s core reason for being. The importance of purpose to business success isn’t just a theory, it’s been proven by study after study; greatly improving job satisfaction and engagement. So, how can you uncover your purpose? How do you stop cause-led projects looking gimmicky? And how do you translate purpose into real action?

How to be happy at work
Barjis Chohan, Founder and CEO Barjis

The million-dollar question; is there a way to up happiness levels in the workplace? Barjis Chohan believes the key to fulfilment at work lies in diversity. In this inspiring session, Barjis shows us the positive connection between wellbeing and our working environment and lays out the tools we need to connect with our colleagues and teams. Learn how understanding cultural nuances and creating a more diverse, dynamic workplace leads to inclusion, empowerment and happiness.

It pays to be positive
Tim Woollias, Sales Manager for Retail, Pinterest and Maud Massart, Strategic Partner Specialist, Pinterest

It’s been a hugely challenging year for everyone and right now we need some positivity in our lives. Social media platforms often get a bad rep, but actually used well, platforms such as Pinterest, can be a huge force for good, having a positive impact on our mental health and be a great motivator for change. So how do you harness that power and positivity? Find out in this inspirational talk on how positivity (and Pinning!) leads to influence, decision and action. Also, watch out for the brilliant mini-workshop at the end, aimed to help you and your brands create an inspired shopping experience on the Pinterest platform.


Why everyone should have a mentor, yes even CEOs
Panel session hosted by Amy Prendergast

Panel features
David Butler, CEO, Crew Clothing Company
Kirsty Glynn, Founder, Well Cool Clothing
Chris Brook-Carter, CEO, retailTRUST
Hannah Ngakane, Strategic Partnership Manager, Pinterest

It’s well documented the value of mentoring in business, but the pandemic has made mentoring even more important than ever before. So, how do you go about finding a mentor? How can it help and what sort of mentor would work for you? How do you become a mentor? And why reverse mentoring is the new business secret weapon every CEO should have.

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