Show your support #forthefour

How to get involved

The best way to show your support is to chat about wellbeing and our campaign to be there #forthefour with your friends, family and colleagues. Talk about the tools in team meetings, over lunch, on social media and anywhere else you like. Be proud to be there #forthefour. 


If you are working in a shared place such as a shop or an office, why not put one of our posters up in your break room or kitchen. Show your colleagues that you care about their wellbeing and start the conversation. 

Download proud to be there #forthefour poster


If you want to share your support with your network you can download these images. They are perfect for sharing on your own social media channels, your business channels or even in email, newsletters, and intranets. These images are an excellent way to show your support, remember to tag us in and use the hashtag #forthefour

The button below will take you to a folder containing multiple images.

Download images

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Email signatures

Another way to show your support is through email. Add this footer to your emails and let it do the talking. Remember to link it back to if you can.

Right click and save the image to your computer.


Print this off on A4 paper. Take a photo or video of yourself telling us why you are #forthefour, then share it on social media, remember to tag us in! 
Maybe it could be that you've needed help in your working life, or you've given it, or seen someone in need. It could even be your hope for our great industry, just hold up the placard and tell us why. 

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Download #forthefour placard

Virtual meeting background

Not yet back in the office but still want to show your support? If you use Teams or Zoom for your virtual meetings you can add customised backgrounds. Use your background to tell your colleagues that you are there #forthefour. Please bear in mind if you use Teams the preview is reversed, don't worry!

Download backgrounds


Our #forthefour campaign video is available at If you would like the video file, please email [email protected]

Catch up on last year's virtual event 

Industry leaders and experts provided businesses, leaders and colleagues with the tools needed to lead our industry, our teams and ourselves.

Tell your friends and colleagues about the event, and share the content wherever you think it will be helpful. 

Watch now!

Put our ethos into action! 

Start to change your behaviour - be there #forthefour