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  • Pay plan 2

    Looking after your financial wellbeing as a student

    Exclusive content from the Retail Trust partnered with PayPlan

    Looking after your financial wellness is extremely important, particularly as a student. Financial wellbeing is all about feeling secure. It’s having enough to get by, but also being aware of how money can affect your physical, mental and social health.

  • Stopping smoking Bitesize

    Stop smoking

    2020-11-09T11:21:00Z Source: Turning Point

    This stop smoking bitesize shows three effective steps you help you quit for good.

  • Five steps to building financial resilience1

    Five steps to building financial resilience

    Source: Wagestream

    Financial resilience is the ability to withstand any unexpected costs without them having a long-lasting impact on your finances. Wagestream have identified five steps that you can take to develop your financial resilience.

  • Redundancy



    Due to the challenges in the industry, fear of redundancy or job loss is becoming a common experience. Knowing what it means, and the impact on you can help to empower you to take control.

  • org culture and ethics

    Equality, diversity and inclusion


    Equality, diversity and inclusion is about making sure that no one feels left out due to their age, ethnicity, gender, culture, language or any other factor. Here are some resources for you to explore.

  • Two women sat at a desk in discussion

    Dealing with potential redundancy

    Exclusive content from the Retail Trust

    Redundancy is one of the more stressful life events a person can encounter. It’s important to recognise the support and resources that are available to help you through this period of change.

  • Critical incident broken window

    Managing a critical incident in the workplace

    Exclusive content from the Retail Trust

    As a manager, you and your management team will play a key role in supporting colleagues not only directly after an incident, but in the days, weeks and possibly months that follow. Learn about the support available to you and your people.

  • Asian lady smiling


    Working for the Retail Trust.

  • Person using a job seach engine online

    COVID-19 getting back into work


    We have a number of resources to help you get back in to work after the COVID-19 crisis. Please view our articles for guidance

  • Two colleagues talking over tablets

    Customer resources

    We know how important it is to raise awareness of the wellbeing services available to your employees to enable them to manage their health and wellness, and access help when needed.

  • Retail Week Awards event image


    Support our events and together we can transform lives for good. 

  • Man and child gardening

    Trusts and foundations

    As a charity, we work with a number of grant-making trusts and foundations who help us to transform the lives of the four million people who work in retail.  

  • Child hugging an adult

    What to do when someone dies

    Exclusive content from the Retail Trust

    Losing someone close to us is arguably one of the most difficult experiences we can go through. Bereavement can be made even more traumatic when we don’t know what practical steps to take, or where to turn to first.

  • Apprenticeships

    Current vacancies

    We have provided a list of industries who may be recruiting and a link to their career pages.

  • qube learning logo

    Supply chain and distribution courses from Qube learning

    Qube Vision is an online eLearning course catalogue offering online training courses.

  • Two employees working in a bakery

    Financial aid to support those affected by COVID-19

    If you are suffering financially due to COVID-19, you can apply for a financial aid to support you during this difficult time.

  • Payday loan schemes application form

    Payday loan schemes

    Exclusive content from the Retail Trust

    People rely on payday loans to help tide them over when times are financially tight. If you’re considering a payday loan, these tips might help you to decide if it’s the best option for you.

  • Older and younger person talking

    Navigating the multigenerational workplace

    Exclusive content from the Retail Trust

    An ageing population means that employers are increasingly working with an older workforce while also supporting employees at the start of their careers. A number of things need considering when navigating this new face of work.

  • Paula Bobbett Head of Online Performance, Dixons Carphone

    Working as the head of online performance

    Exclusive content from the Retail Trust

    Head of Online Performance Paula Bobbett loves her fast-paced role at Dixons Carphone and enjoys the variety the job offers. If you have great data, commercial, creative, interpersonal and digital skills, this could be the ideal role for you.

  • Jonny Bevan Emerging Talent Manager, Dixons Carphone

    Working as an emerging talent manager

    Exclusive content from the Retail Trust

    Jonny Bevan has been working in retail since he was 16 years old, and is currently the Emerging Talent Manager at Dixons Carphone. Jonny reveals that this is one of the most rewarding jobs in the business because he gets a chance to recruit our future retail leaders and watch them develop in their roles.