Hayley Mulenda

Award-winning international speaker, author and change agent who has inspired tens of thousands of people across the world by sharing her story on how she turned her pain to purpose. 

After nearly taking her own life at the age of 18, Hayley realised how mental health issues are increasingly affecting millennials and she was passionate to do something about it. Hayley’s experience and insight makes her a credible voice for diversity and inclusion as well as mental health and wellbeing.

Hayley’s story has graced some of the world’s biggest stages from Wembley Arena to Oslo Spektrum. From helping leaders bridge the gap with millennials and Gen-Z’s, to creating a safe space and mentoring hundreds of young people from diverse and lower socioeconomic backgrounds, Hayley is passionate about making a change.

Hayley sits on the board of Wagamama, consulting their CEO to help reach young people from more diverse backgrounds. She has worked with Microsoft, JP Morgan, Harrods, Clifford Chance, Google and The Cabinet Office on social mobility.

Her talks have been described as mesmerising, impactful and life-changing. Maya Angelou said it best, ‘you may not always remember what they say’, but with Hayley’s talks, you will always remember how she made you feel. Hayley will leave you feeling inspired.