Resilience and wellbeing workshop for retail leaders - Derby

Date: January 21, 2020 to January 22, 2020

Venue: retailTRUST, Eborn House, Leylands Estate, Broadway, Derby, DE22 1AY

Derby- Resilience workshop

Our goal is to offer retail leaders the knowledge and practical tools to build their own resilience and wellbeing, and the resilience and wellbeing of their people, to lead more productive, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Developed collaboratively with DeltaV, this two-day training session can help you initiate behavioural change across your organisation to improve performance, fulfilment and health.

Using the industry-leading Resilience Quotient Inventory (RQi™) we measure individual and team resilience and wellbeing. Developed in partnership with the University of Westminster’s Centre For Resilience, the RQi™ resilience psychometric is the product of five years of research into how effective coping strategies and mechanisms build personal and team resilience.

The six elements of resilience of the RQi™ provide a common academic foundation for the 1:1 coaching and two-day workshops that every leader attends during our resilience programmes.


Our resilience and wellbeing team includes:

Dr Paul Turner PhD
A vastly experienced leadership and resilience coach, Paul has worked extensively with
senior leaders in retail to deliver transformational behavioural change.

Nick Kitchen
Boasting over 20 years in delivering change to people and organisations,
Nick specialises in improving performance through cognitive and somatic wellbeing.


Caroline Arnold

A former retail leader with Waitrose, Caroline applies her knowledge of the industry
to deliver instantly applicable resilience and wellbeing training.



Dan Reeve

A highly qualified and innovative physiologist and wellbeing specialist,
Dan has many years of experience in adapting performance physiology.

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