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Championing the health of retail

While one in four adults in the UK will experience a mental health problem at some point in their lifetime, we believe we should be there #forthefour in four colleagues who will experience a setback or life event. 

We are putting health at the heart of how we work. 

October is a month of activity and conversation about health and wellbeing in the retail industry. Our on-demand programme of content will equip you and your colleagues with the skills to manage your emotional, physical, vocational and financial wellbeing.

We believe in a world where everyone involved with retail is able to access help and preventative support to manage their wellbeing, whenever they need it.

This is our once-in-a-lifetime chance to protect the health and happiness of our colleagues in these unprecedented times.

  • Act now to improve the lives of retail workers.
  • Act now to offer preventative wellbeing support.
  • Act now so that retail continues to be the premier industry in the UK economy.

So, join us and be there #forthefour.

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