Rebecca Dennis

Rebecca Dennis, international author, coach and workshop leader is the founder of

Based in London and working globally as a breath coach, Rebecca facilitates workshops, events and retreats alongside her public speaking, and believes that conscious breathwork is the ultimate key to our wellbeing, health and inner peace.

Rebecca has been practicing holistic and alternative therapies for over 20 years and has trained with Founder of Transformational Breath, Judith Kravitz as well as Dan Brule, Donna Fahri, Max Strom and other masters and influential teachers of breathwork, bodywork and healing modalities. On her journey with holistic practices she has also trained in coaching, anatomy and physiology, Swedish and deep tissue massage, acupressure, reiki and shamanic healing traditions from indigenous tribes and elders.

Continually inspired by the simple power of our breath and how it can change lives including her own. Rebecca is on a mission to teach as many people as possible to empower their lives and improve their physical and mental wellbeing with conscious breathing techniques and somatic bodywork.