Founder, GONG

Selma Studer is the founder of GONG, a top-rated sound healing provider based in London. After ten plus years leading marketing and communications in the corporate world, Selma decided to follow her passion for wellbeing and offer busy urban professionals an effective way to relax and release stress. She experienced her first ‘gong bath’ on a yoga retreat in Thailand and quickly realised the practice was just as needed in an urban setting. That led her to open a dedicated studio in central London and to work with organisations to introduce meditative sound experiences to the workplace so that more people can benefit from this powerful technique. Selma has since guided more than 800 gong baths in person and online.  

Selma is registered as a Sound Therapist with the Complementary Medical Association, she holds a Mindfulness in Business certificate from the University of Oxford’s Said Business School, and she is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher taught by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach via Sounds True. You can learn more about Selma and her dedication to sound healing at aboutgong.com